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Twin Valley USD 240

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JH/HS Foreign Language Department

USD 240 Foreign Language Department


Mrs. Pedruzzi
785-488-3321 * 785-283-4774
Bennington and Tescott Junior High/High School

Lesson Plans

Get to know your teacher

 The pivotal time in my life was when President Kennedy launched the Peace Corps way back in the sixties.  I already had some aptitude for languages and a great desire to help people and  make the world a better place.  So, joining the Peace Corps and serving in Brasil for a total of 4 years as a  teacher and Community Development worker, was a perfect fit.

I have taught for many years but the excitement of working with young people is constant no matter which subject I teach.  I have been around long enough to see some of my students grow up, go to school or training, get married and have their own kids.  It is most satisfying to hear from my former students who usually tell me how my classes influenced them and helped them to become very successful. 

Recently I heard from a couple of my former Brazilian students who thanked me for teaching them English. My son often tells me that my wages are not the dollars in the paycheck but the satisfaction of making a difference in people's lives


What students will learn in their spanish classes


Course Title: Spanish I

Duration:  2 Semesters

Grade: 9-12

Credit: 1

Course Objective: In a rapidly shrinking world with instantaneous communication, proficiency in foreign language becomes increasingly important. The process of learning a foreign language helps the brain to increase problem-solving abilities and perform better on tests. Students in Spanish will learn to acquire ideas through listening, repeating and reading. Students will develop communication skills and cope in various life-like situations. They will also develop the ability to utilize available sources of information and learning tools through the study and will develop an understanding of cultural heritages different from their own. Ultimately, the study of Spanish will give students more options when regarding career opportunities and education, and will help reinforce positive attitudes toward intellectual activities.

Text: Aventura 1


Course Title: Spanish II

Duration:  2 Semesters

Grade: 10-12

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Spanish I

Course Objective: Students continue to further develop and improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Emphasis is placed on comprehension and verbal communication of Spanish, as well as reading and writing practice in the target language using a variety of activities incorporating familiar vocabulary  and structures.  Supplementary materials are introduced to enhance language use and awareness of Spanish speaking cultures.

Text: Aventura I & 2


Strategies for success


Student have an opportunity to explore other cultures through hands-on projects, meeting with native Spanish-speakers and discovering practical and empowering ways to use Spanish. Students can access online resources to challenge their practical understanding of language. 


Know the standards


Foreign Language Standards