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The Struggle is Real

While failure is not an option, for our students to consistently find success they need to learn how to struggle.  Below you will find videos and articles that illuminate the importance of letting students struggle and how that impacts learning throughout their lives.  As a student moves through school, content will get more and more difficult.

"When we introduce complexity in the problems we ask students to solve and challenge them beyond what they think they can do, we give them the opportunity to struggle a bit—an opportunity that many students never experience."

from Constructive Struggling by Cathy L. Seeley

"Student engagement increased as students became independent problem solvers and comfortable with making mistakes."

from Setting the Stage for Productive Struggle in Your Classroom by Jennifer Guido

"A constant “quick fix” can cause a false illusion that success is standard. Instead, teach your child that failing is part of the learning process and that it will help him or her do better next time. It is important that children feel capable and competent enough to overcome setbacks when they eventually go off to college or enter the working world—it will make the “real world” much less daunting."

from Benefits of Struggling: Are You Helping Your Child Too Much? by Danielle Brunson