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Agriculture Communications and Journalism

What is Agriculture Communications?

by Valarie Martin

August 10, 2006


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An education in agricultural communications is much more than a series of classes.  It’s the foundation to an exciting career.  KSU’s agricultural communications and journalism program provides students with a solid education and experiences that lead to a successful career.


You don’t need to grow up on a farm or ranch to major in agricultural communications and journalism.  All you need is a love of communicating and an interest in the world’s food and fiber systems or the environment. 


What kind of job can you get?  Any of the following can be obtained with an Ag Communications degree:  reporter, public relations, marketing specialist, graphic designer, editor, advertiser, publisher, rodio or television broadcaster, television producer, lobbyist, or county extension agent.


For more information, visit KSU agriculture on-line at www.oznet.ksu.edu/agcomm.