USD 240 Surveys

Student surveys are utilized to gather information regarding a variety of topics. USD 240 is currently using 2 surveys with students.

mySAEBRS - grades 2-12

The mySAEBRS survey is published by Renaissance, the parent company that owns FastBridge.

The mySAEBRS survey, Social Academic Emotional Behavior Risk Screener, serves as a means for the district to gather information on student's social behavior, academic behavior, and emotional behavior. Statements such as "I argue with others", "I am respectful", "I like school", "I have trouble working alone", "I feel nervous", and "I like to try new things" are examples of different types of statements students mark as never, sometimes, often, or always. Once this information is gathered, appropriate supports are put in place when needed for students showing some risk or high risk in any category. You can review the survey by clicking on the link below.

FastBridge mySAEBRS Assessment - Survey Questions

Kansas Communities that Care Survey - grades 6, 8, 10, 12

The Kansas Communities that Care survey is administered by Greenbush, an education service center, and the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services. The KCTC survey is a survey used by the district and county organizations to gather information regarding student opinions and influences including community, family, peer/individual and school. Areas in which information is gathered include depression/suicide, family dynamics, student safety and school perceptions, bullying, like/dislike of school, alcohol and drug knowledge and use. This information, which is shared with the district in aggregate form and not as individual student data, is used to determine what trends we are seeing regarding these different issues, and for the district to provide programs and support to address issues we may see.

KCTC - Depression - Suicide - Module

KCTC - Family Domain Module

KCTC - Student Questions Core Survey