Agenda and Minutes


Below is a message from the Board of Education regarding the time of the agenda (Items from the Floor) when patrons can speak to the board to share comments/concerns.

"The board appreciates patrons taking time to talk to us about our policies and procedures. We set aside this time every meeting to hear from the public. Your comments should be directed towards board policies or the procedures our administrators establish to carry out those policies. This is not an appropriate time or place for patrons to make comments of a personal nature about any district employee or student. Persons making comments which violate the privacy rights of district employees or about specific students will be asked to terminate their remarks. If a patron or parent has a concern with one or more employees the board will refer that person to the appropriate employee or the superintendent. If the board refers your concern to an administrator for investigation the board will hear about it in a future meeting and you can expect the superintendent or another district employee to make arrangements to meet with you at the appropriate time..

Thanks again for taking your time to discuss district business with the board.”