Bennington Parent Advisory Group

Scope and Purpose of the Advisory Group

  1. The purpose of this group is to serve as a liaison between parents and the school.  The focus is to build a school community that works together to make the best possible environment for ALL students in Bennington and Twin Valley Schools.

  2. Law and Policy dictate many of the school responses and decisions, and we have to keep that in mind as we have discussions.

Below is a link to the agenda/minutes from each of our meetings. You'll see the most recent meeting information at the top.

Meeting Agenda/Minutes

23-24 Bennington Parent Advisory Group Members

Kyle Black, BGS
Kalie Christensen, BGS/BHS
Jesse Levin, BGS/BHS
Jessica Uhl, BGS/BHS
Ashley Freeman, BGS
Elizabeth Maier, BGS 
Tyler VanCoevern, BGS/BJH 
Melissa Ingram, BHS
Mandy Chrispen, BHS
Gina Layton, BHS
Prisca HinkleySawyer, BHS
Jo Shamburg - BGS Teacher
Dawn Wolf, BHS Staff
Shane Clark, BJH/HS Principal
Tricia McVay, BGS Principal
Juanita Morris, BOE
Darrin Hurd, BOE
Michelle Murk, BOE
Pam Irwin, Superintendent

2022-23 Bennington Parent Advisory Group Members

Pam Irwin, Superintendent
Clay Mettlen, BJH/HS Principal
Tricia McVay, BGS Principal
Darrin Hurd, Board of Education
Juanita Morris, Board of Education
Michelle Murk, Board of Education
Fawn Andrews, BJH/HS Parent
Kyle Black, BGS Parent
Mandy Chrispen, BJH/HS Parent
Holly Crowder, BJH/HS Parent
Ashley Freeman, BGS Parent
Prisca HinkleySawyer, BJH/HS Parent
Melissa Ingram, BJH/HS Parent
Stephanie Jensen, BJH/HS Parent
Gina Layton, BJH/HS Parent
Jesse Levin, BGS/BJH/HS Parent
Jessica Uhl, BGS/BJH/HS Parent